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Hello friends!

For the past 18 months, I have been working on a children’s book series with my good friend and co-author, Adam Wallace. For those who don’t know the fabulous Adam, he’s a renowned Australian author of a billion kids’ books (give or take a few). And he’s a New York Times bestselling author to boot! Wow-ee.

Our middle-grade fiction series centres around the incredible adventures of five intrepid friends who are sucked into a magical golf course in an attempt to rescue its inventor, Grandpa Galileo. Each golf hole they play is a new world full of danger, fantastical creatures and impossible scenarios. Will anyone actually survive to save Galileo?

This idea, which sprang to life in mid-2022, is now charging towards publication! We’ve called the series 18000 Holes in the Universe, and book #1 Dragonfire is due for release in mid 2024.

We are truly honoured to be on board with Harper Collins Australia and their super-supportive production team. It that’s not amazing enough, we have the ultra-talented James Hart as illustrator.

There are at least 18000 reasons to feel blessed right now!

With love,


Golf ball Image by macrovector_official on Freepik – Starry BGR by Lisa Foley