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I’m Lisa,

an Australian


When I was 7 years old, and I’d only written one story in my life, I had an epiphany – I wanted to be a writer! I didn’t know what that meant other than my inner sense of excitement at creating stories. It felt like the best thing ever.

As I grew up and moved into the world, I trekked through various creative jungles including film/TV, visual arts, and of course writing. I discovered a penchant for novels, but I also tried my hand at writing for stage and screen, freelance editing and copywriting.

My writing journey did not exactly take the scenic route. I hit a huge roadblock early on when my eyes became severely affected by computer screens. If you want to write novels, that’s a bit of a problem! These days, I’m a massive fan of e-ink screens, which are so much kinder on the eyes than traditional screens.

All these years after my epiphany, I still agree with my seven-year-old self. Writing is the best thing ever. And guess what? I’m still writing stories for kids.